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Boomitra’s High-Integrity Carbon Removal Credits

Not all carbon credits are created equal. With carbon offsets, emitted carbon remains in the atmosphere. Carbon removal credits are the only way to truly remove emissions and achieve net zero.

Our soil carbon removal projects have been third-party validated to ensure:


Boomitra’s carbon removal credits are issued after the adoption of new agricultural practices – such as cover cropping and rotational grazing – proven to draw carbon out of the atmosphere. We ensure the additionality of our carbon sequestration projects by comparing enrolled farms and ranchers with control sites maintaining business-as-usual practices. This guarantees additional net carbon sequestration beyond what would happen without our projects.


Boomitra’s technology continuously monitors all projects to ensure your climate investment achieves long-term carbon drawdown. As long as satellites exist, we will track soil carbon levels and compare them to dynamic baseline sites. Local experts train farmers to ensure new practices are sustained, as carbon payments encourage landowners to persist and improve.

Accurate Measurement:

Our AI/ML model is regionally calibrated with millions of soil samples to precisely measure soil carbon at a 10-meter resolution. Internationally certified through third-party testing, our technology surpasses conventional soil testing methods.

Boomitra’s team of experts will guide you through the carbon removal process with:
Data at your fingertips:

With our remote sensing technology, we provide real-time project monitoring and reporting from our intuitive, easy-access dashboard.

A global portfolio:

We assist clients in achieving their unique sustainability goals from our portfolio of projects across four continents.

Impact advising

We help you understand and share your climate, community, and biodiversity impact.

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Beyond Carbon
In addition to permanently storing carbon, your investment unlocks a host of social and ecosystem co-benefits.
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"I must thank you for being the most wonderful host and guide on an absolutely amazing, educational and interesting visit.  Your team is knowledgeable, excellent, working hard with the implementers to keep things moving forward."
"I believe this will be a model for the rest of the world."
"I felt like the carbon project was the center of the wheel and he just keeps adding spokes that bring real development to the area."
Take Meaningful Action Toward Climate Change
Boomitra’s innovative and proprietary tech is at the heart of providing you with high-quality verified carbon credits via agricultural practices that are beneficial for farmers and the earth. Our rigorous science-based process creates scalability, and verification by best-in-class third-party certification standards secures a viable pathway to your sustainability goals.
Reap the benefits of Boomitra’s trusted high-quality, verified carbon removal credits and meet your sustainability goals with confidence.