Boomitra utilizes the most advanced remote sensing technology to measure soil carbon sequestration globally.
Soil And Satellites:
Big Data for Big Solutions
Boomitra’s third-party, internationally certified technology is built upon an archive of 1+ million soil samples collected by professionals and analyzed at nationally accredited soil laboratories. This robust dataset allows for the creation of regional soil models across the globe with accuracy, detail, and scalability. To measure what is beneath the soil, Boomitra utilizes dozens of satellites across the electromagnetic spectrum in a precise methodology that has proven to deliver accurate results. By carefully selecting satellite imagery that correlates with soil samples, Boomitra can monitor soil carbon; nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) levels; and moisture levels across the globe without the need for additional soil sampling.
Soil And Satellites:
Proprietary Machine Learning
Boomitra specializes in developing machine-learning techniques from our large soil sample and satellite imagery databases. Our approach ensures proper generalization across a range of soil, climate, and seasonal conditions allowing soil measurements to be conducted regardless of the time of year and in multiple agricultural land usage scenarios. By fine-tuning models, Boomitra measures soil properties at a 10m x 10m scale, allowing for accurate monitoring of even smallholder farms. These methods are not restricted to only small properties and are agile enough to be deployed at scale, enabling thousands of hectares to be measured in just a few hours, saving farmers and landowners time and money.
Soil And Satellites:
Measuring the Past and the Future
By deploying our custom-trained models within an area of interest, Boomitra tracks historical and ongoing soil changes. These measurements provide insights on the efficacy of alternate management techniques, proof of practice changes, or the issuance of carbon credits across monitoring periods spanning years, even if soil samples were not taken at the beginning of the carbon-increasing activities. In addition to retroactive soil monitoring, Boomitra’s systems allow for the measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) of ongoing regenerative agriculture projects. Boomitra produces high-quality soil property measurements within weeks or even days of capturing satellite imagery by utilizing the latest technology.
Soil And Satellites:
90%+ Carbon Monitoring Cost Reduction
With robust datasets and agile models, Boomitra offers a unique, cost-effective solution to measure soil properties at a scale too expensive for traditional measurement techniques. These large-scale solutions are being used around the world to make a difference in how regenerative agriculture is managed and monitored.
Meet your sustainability goals with confidence, through Boomitra’s high quality, verified carbon removal credits.
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