Become a Carbon Farmer

Get paid for regenerating your soil through carbon credits. Learn more:
Tonnes CO2 Removed
By joining our program, you will be financially rewarded for storing carbon in your soil, while contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

Improve Agricultural Practices

A network of partners provide free support for farmers and ranchers to improve agricultural practices. These changes increase the carbon drawn down from the atmosphere, while improving soil health and crop yields.

We Measure the Carbon Capture

Boomitra uses cutting-edge remote sensing technology to measure, report, and verify (MRV) the amount of carbon, nutrients, and moisture in your soil, without the need for expensive and time-consuming physical soil sampling. This provides you with an accurate and cost-efficient solution for generating carbon credits from your land along with agronomic insights.

You Get Paid

The carbon you store in your soil generates carbon credits which are sold to offset emissions from other industries, providing you with a new source of reliable income for your farm or ranch.

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Farmers and ranchers receive:

Cutting-edge technology

Our satellite and machine learning technology, which has been third-party and internationally certified, has been found to be more accurate than traditional soil testing methods.

Carbon Finance

Boomitra quantifies and verifies carbon removed through your soil and sells these carbon credits to Fortune 500 companies. Farmers and ranchers are guaranteed the majority of each credit sold, without any costs to join and participate in our carbon projects.

Continuous monitoring

We provide real-time monitoring of soil organic carbon, moisture, and nutrient levels via satellites and AI technology.

Agronomic insights

Our technology enables precision agriculture – helping farmers and ranchers of all sizes to reduce water and fertilizer use while enhancing soil health and agricultural yields.

Support and Education

Through our partnerships with local organizations, farmers and ranchers will receive education and support while adopting regenerative agriculture practices that increase soil carbon.

Farmer and Rancher apps

Boomitra's interactive apps enable farmers and ranchers to access real-time data about their land, with regular updates on moisture levels, nutrient deficiencies, and crop growth, all accessible from their mobile devices.

Keep soil covered
Keep soil covered
Cover crops, mulch, and ground covers protect soil from erosion, keep moisture in, and provide habitats for beneficial organisms.
Minimize soil disturbance
Minimize soil disturbance
Tilling destroys soil structure, reduces microbial activity, and releases stored carbon into the atmosphere. However, by reducing or eliminating tilling, these negative impacts can be avoided.
Maximize crop diversity
Maximize crop diversity
Growing a diverse array of crops, including annuals, perennials, and cover crops, can improve soil health and fertility while also increasing the amount of carbon sequestered in the soil.
Maintain living root
Maintain living root
Through maintaining living roots, plants continuously convert sunlight into sugars and release exudates into the soil which leads to better soil health, increased crop productivity, and enhanced carbon sequestration.
Integrate Livestock
Integrate Livestock
Planned and strategic management systems for livestock lead to numerous benefits, including the improvement of soil health, the reduction of nutrient loss, the lowering of farm inputs, and the diversification of farm income.
Regenerative practices include, but are not limited to, managed livestock grazing, cover crops, reduced tillage, crop rotations, hedgerows, compost application, and reduced inputs. Our team works with regional partners and farmers to identify the most advantageous practices for your land.
Community and Ecosystem Benefits
Carbon farming offers a range of benefits to farmers and ranchers beyond just combatting climate change. Regenerative agricultural practices are proven to lead to improved soil health, enhanced ecosystem biodiversity, increased land productivity, and improved water infiltration and retention - to name a few! Carbon credits provide farmers and ranchers with an additional source of livelihood, creating opportunities for them to reinvest in themselves and their communities. The regenerated lands are less susceptible to changes in land use since farmers are better equipped to sustain their livelihoods. At Boomitra, we're committed to helping farmers and ranchers realize these benefits by supporting them every step of the way.
Farmer and Rancher Testimonials
Rose Khatambi Meja
3 acres
“Since adopting improved agricultural practices, my harvest has seen a significant increase from 8.9 kg bags per acre to 18 kg bags per acre in just 2 harvest seasons. I am confident that with continued practice of these methods, my yields will continue to improve. Not only do these practices mitigate carbon emissions, but they also reduce production costs, improve soil health, increase water retention, and ultimately boost production.”
Jorge Pando
2200 hectares
“We had the chance to work with geospatial engineers at Boomitra who showed us satellite imagery of our land. One year after making changes, our ranch obtained the best basal cover of the last 10 years! It is very impressive how refreshed the soil is compared to the old management after only two years.”
Chrispinus Munyendo
6.5 acres
“Since I started practicing conservation agriculture, I have reduced my production costs by 60%. This intervention has not only enabled me to increase productivity but also to offset greenhouse gas emissions and guarantee some levels of resilience against climate shocks. By comparing my farm to my neighbor's farm, which was planted during the same week, you can clearly see the difference in the outcomes.”