About us

Our Mission is to Remove CO2 from the Atmosphere at Scale and at the lowest Cost!

According to the UN IPCC, 9 Gigatons of CO2, nearly 20% of humanity’s yearly carbon footprint, can be sequestered by farmers and ranchers worldwide at the lowest cost. Today, this is largely unrealized due to the lack of scalable approaches to both enable and measure outcomes. Our global network of partners and our hardware-free technology to measure soil moisture, nutrients and soil carbon enables us to unlock it at scale!

Since 2016 (originally as ConserWater) we have worked with thousands of farmers to help them grow more with less. Now, with our partners, we provide an end-to-end solution where farmers are not only able to grow more with less and increase soil carbon, but also get paid for making a positive impact on reducing climate change, through carbon credits!

Boomitra means “Friend of the Earth” in Sanskrit, and that is who we are!

Farmers Adopt Sustainable Practices

Practices like manure/compost additions, cover crops, crop rotations, rotated grazing, and more - which increase soil carbon!

At a Megaton scale today

This is the world's lowest cost carbon removal - you can get millions of tons of carbon removal from us today!

Farmers increase their Income

20%-100% increase in their income directly through the carbon credits!

Farm Soils become more Fertile

Practices that increase soil carbon improve soil fertility and thus can also improve yields in the future!

Are you already working on Sustainable Agriculture, or interested in Getting started?

Reach out!!

We work with many farmers, NGOs and corporations who wish to accelerate sustainable & precision farming, and fight back against climate change! Our technologies and partners allow us to work with a diversity of practices – from cattle grazing to smallholder organic farming!

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