Our Mission

Unlock climate action at a gigaton scale through science-backed technology. Together with our partners, we empower farmers & ranchers to create a planet that thrives.

Boomitra is the leading international soil carbon marketplace. Powered by AI and remote sensing technology, we empower farmers and ranchers to transform agricultural practices, earn new streams of income, and create a thriving planet.
Boomitra’s technology enables the measurement, reporting, and verification of carbon content, nutrients, and moisture levels in the soil. Our tech is third-party validated for carbon markets, measuring at a 10m resolution without the need for physical soil sampling or lab tests. The process is scalable, cost-efficient, and inclusive for farmers and ranchers of all landholding sizes.
Our model ensures carbon markets and climate finance drive returns for farmers and ranchers. Through our network of global partners, we help farmers and ranchers adopt agricultural practices that increase carbon sequestration. Boomitra then quantifies the additional carbon captured and works with international standards bodies to generate Verified Emission Removals (VERs), commonly referred to as carbon credits.
Boomitra sells the carbon credits to corporations and governments worldwide, enabling them to meet their sustainability goals. The majority of the proceeds from each carbon credit sold is given directly to the farmers, allowing them to re-invest in themselves and their communities. With over 5M+ acres currently under management, Boomitra is working with farmers and ranchers to accelerate carbon removal on a gigaton-scale, while helping them produce more with less.
Our Story
At the time, Aadith was a student at the California Institute of Technology where he was honing his skills in materials science, computer science, and artificial intelligence. With the world facing increasing droughts, floods, and other extreme weather conditions due to the escalating pace of climate change, Aadith contemplated how he could leverage his technical background to build solutions. And so, the concept for Boomitra (formerly known as ConserWater) was born – using satellites and AI to produce insights to help farmers adapt and fight back against the changing climate.

Seven years ago, our founder Aadith Moorthy was passing through a remote village in South India when he came upon a funeral procession. The community was mourning the life of a farmer who had taken his own life due to the devastating effects of failed monsoon rains. The crop yields were gone and the farmer was left with no hope. This tragedy sparked a question in Aadith’s mind: why are farmers forced to struggle? Was there anything that modern technology could do to help?

Meet our Leadership Team
Our multinational team spans four continents and includes seasoned operators in the food and agriculture space, along with geospatial scientists, carbon experts, and engineers. We are committed to inspiring climate action through innovation to build solutions for a resilient world. Boomitra means “Friend of the Earth” in Sanskrit, and that is who we are and inspire others to be.
Aadith Moorthy
Founder & CEO
Aadith is transforming the future of carbon markets with advanced AI and satellite technology. He operates the world's first international soil carbon offset market, where corporations and governments buy low-cost carbon removal while incentivizing farmers to increase their soil carbon levels, sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere. Aadith's expertise and leadership in the field of AI have earned him recognition as a top founder in AI by TechCrunch. In addition, Aadith is a Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholar and holds graduate degrees from Stanford and two bachelor's degrees from the California Institute of Technology.
Abhinav Gupta
Partner Relationships Manager, APAC
Abhinav has several years of experience working with small- and large-scale farmers alike, leveraging his vast knowledge around climate change, regenerative agriculture, and non-conventional sources of energy. He has worked on projects funded by Planning Commission of India and worked for the development of GIS based maps of the highways network of the country. Abhinav holds an MTech in Energy & Environment Management and a master’s degree in Physics.
Alejandro Gutman
Southern Cone Regional Manager
Alejandro has over 14 years of experience as a seasoned professional. He is passionate about sustainability and has worked in business development, operations, sales, and commercial strategy in a variety of industries within Latin America, including technology, food and beverage, and communications.
Ana Flávia Navarro
Business Development Manager - Brazil
Ana is a cross-sector professional with over 10 years of experience in energy, consultancy, agribusiness and sustainability. She has spearheaded innovative biogas and NBS projects aimed at leveraging carbon credits to drive sustainability and combat climate change. Coming from a family of farmers, she is inspired by a desire to empower local communities and promote sustainable agricultural practices, actively engaging in projects supporting family agriculture. Ana's advocacy for smallholder farmers has manifested in initiatives that enhance resilience, improve livelihoods, and foster environmentally responsible farming practices.
Andrea Okun
Director of Marketing
Andrea has six years of experience advancing climate solutions across industries through marketing and creative communications. Andrea has focused on a range of climate solutions including voluntary carbon markets, food waste management, biogas generation, plant-rich diets, and fire-resilient strategies. Andrea pulls from a master's degree in Environmental Engineering from Northwestern University and a certificate in regenerative agriculture. She is motivated by making carbon markets inclusive for farmers around the world, creating resilient ecosystems, and mitigating climate change.
Anirudh Keny
Director of Business Development & Partnerships – APAC & Africa
Anirudh brings a connection between technology and farmers, with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s in Environmental Studies. During his master’s at Tel Aviv University, he was exposed to cutting-edge technology, especially in the agricultural landscape. He was also a part of the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship, a program for Israeli and Asian young professionals and students to build long-term, strategic partnerships between Israel and Asia in their professional fields.
Ann Maina
East Africa Project Lead
Ann is a trained agriculturist and monitoring and evaluation professional, actively working towards championing the use of the linkage between climate change, food security and community sustainable livelihoods. She is a cross-sector leader bringing a diverse and complex pool of experience in strategic development, corporate partnerships, policy development, capacity building, project management, monitoring, evaluation, sustainability and multi-stakeholder processes - at both national and international levels.
Chethan T.R
Director of Carbon Projects
With more than eighteen years of experience in different domains of climate action, Chethan has been involved with several carbon projects across India from developing Project Design Documents (PDD), validation of PDD, monitoring of the projects and capacity building of communities. He offers research support on topics such as carbon footprint analysis across sectors, assessing renewable energy potentials, impact assessment of project implementation, value chain analysis in agriculture sector and proposal writing for various government, bilateral and multilateral organizations on sustainability strategies and tools.
Chris Mulgrew
Chief Financial Officer
As a senior executive in high-growth industries for over 20 years, Chris’ contributions range from being the senior finance person at a $1.4B private equity firm to being the visionary behind the world’s first live-streaming yoga app. He thrives solving complex problems and creating cohesive organizations that get full leverage out of their value propositions. Chris is always looking at what is ahead so he can best advise on the next strategic move.
Dr. Cliserio Gonzalez
Director of Latin America
Cliserio is an agronomist with more than twenty years of experience in sustainable production and commercialization of Agri-commodities in Latin America. He has extensive knowledge of the production and processing of crops such as coffee and cocoa. His postgraduate studies focused on agroforestry systems as providers of ecosystem services, including carbon sequestration in Central America. He is also involved as a consultant in the development and implementation of rural programs in México and Colombia.
Dr. David Clark
Director of Research and Development
Dave brings over 15 years of industry and academic research experience, combining environmental data and machine learning to measure and predict the world around us. He is a former faculty member at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and brings a high-level of scientific curiosity and rigor. He has worked in multiple early-stage startups growing their data science and data engineering teams and enjoys building processes and teams for rapid research and development.
Ganesh Babu Krishnappa
Managing Director India
Ganesh has over twenty years of experience in Agtech and Agri management and has setup and managed several Agri, food processing and farmer produce marketing enterprises in India and Europe. An INSEAD alumni, he holds decades of experience in P&L Management, Sustainable Agriculture, Business Turnaround, Sales, Business Development, Business Planning, Global S&OP, Supply Chain Planning & International Business.
James Cahalin
Director – Carbon Credit Sales
James has been building and leading commercial teams providing digital solutions in the energy industry for the past fifteen years. His accomplishments have ranged from large Fortune 500 companies to pre-revenue startups. As an early promoter of ESG efforts within the energy industry, James’ experience provides a unique view into creating successful outcomes for his customers. James is committed to helping Boomitra’s customers drive the change needed to heal our planet. In his spare time, James can be found in his community leading the Colorado team for a (U.S.-based) non-profit focused on helping Gold Star Families.
Jeff Hershey
Director of Carbon Solutions
With over 25 years of diverse experience, Jeff brings a blend of business and technical skills to Boomitra. He has served in strategy, business development and marketing roles across a range of industries and performed research in the areas of remote sensing and forest carbon. Jeff has significant experience in early-stage companies, where he focused on commercializing technology, go-to-market and IP creation. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and master’s degree in BioRenewable Systems from Penn State. As an outdoor enthusiast, Jeff is passionate about applying his experience to addressing climate change and protecting our natural spaces.
Jordan Oldag
Senior Geospatial Data Scientist
Jordan is an alumnus of Auburn University where he studied geography and agronomy and gained research experience exploring the spatial relationships of soil nutrients using satellite imagery. During his career, Jordan has developed AI-powered automated solutions to increase the efficiency and scale of sustainable land-use systems for the energy, transportation, and agricultural sectors. He currently leads Boomitra’s geospatial team in the remote measurement of soil properties
Karen Christina de Carvalho
Business Development Manager, Brazil
Karen has over 20 years' experience in assessing business technology opportunities, innovation processes development, intellectual property and patented sustainable projects in agribusiness for coffee, sugarcane and grains/oilseeds platforms. Certified in executive education programs focused on innovation from Kellogg School of Management and INSEAD, she has also worked as a voluntary mentor for startups acceleration programs.
Nevil Prajapati
Director of Engineering
Nevil has over 13 years of product development and engineering experience. He is proficient in building technology products and solutions, engineering leadership and management. He is focused on sustainability and efficiencies in digital products. He expertises in the fields of IoT and Cloud. He has architected, developed and maintained large-scale software systems for startups serving 5 million+ user base on Cloud, Mobile and SaaS based platforms. Nevil is committed to building the next-gen technology and solutions for Boomitra to help create Carbon neutral environment.
Octavio Andrés Prieto Wisbrun
Project Manager, Northern Mexico
Octavio has extensive experience in the cattle industry as well as regenerative ranching. He has a degree in International Relations and a master's degree in Public Administration and has worked in business consulting for entrepreneurs and start-ups focused on social impact for the past five years. He brings a unique combination of experience in social impact business consulting and public service, with the aim of improving social welfare in his home country of Mexico.
Pooja Sreenan
Senior Communications Associate
Pooja holds a masters in English and has experience working in content creation. She is interested in understanding and using content to share ideas and experiences and build important conversations. She is passionate about research and story telling, and is continually inspired by the farmers that drive Boomitra’s mission of revolutionizing the climate action space.
Satya Satyamoorthy
Chief Operating Officer
Satya is a business veteran with over thirty years of extensive experience in creating and managing multinational businesses. His technical expertise includes ML/AI, Big Data, Data Intelligence, and open-source software to name a few. His experience extends across setting up international businesses, leading multinational and multicultural teams and developing leading technology and business solutions. His passion to fight climate change with equity across world communities, by providing realistic and achievable solutions, prompted him to join Aadith in starting Boomitra.
Sebastián Vangeli
Carbon Projects Development Manager (LATAM)
Sebastian is a dedicated soil scientist committed to advancing soil conservation and climate change mitigation within the agricultural sector. Bringing over a decade of experience in the fields of soil science and climate change, he has led the development of innovative soil carbon projects that comply with the higher standards of the industry. Sebastian has a proven track record of scientific publications and robust communication skills, and successfully led technical workgroups, showcasing his ability to manage and coordinate collaborative teams effectively.
Shelley Northrop
Vice President of Marketing
With over 25 years of marketing experience, Shelley is a seasoned brand strategist, demand generation marketer, content maven, and visionary communications leader. Shelley delivers effective new programs, creative marketing strategies, and measurable results. This Stanford grad has an innate ability to distill diverse perspectives and motivations into compelling marketing plans that inspire and succeed. Shelley is committed to leveraging her marketing expertise to drive meaningful change for our planet. When she isn't immersed in professional pursuits, you can find her actively contributing to her community as a dedicated board member and marketing advisor for local non-profit organizations, reforesting the Earth planting trees in her community, judging 4-H contests, and making a difference at a local food bank.
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