Unlocking Carbon Removal on a Gigaton Scale

Boomitra uses satellite and AI technology to measure, report, and verify soil carbon credits across the globe.

Let's work together to scale climate action.
what we do
Boomitra is the leading international soil carbon marketplace powered by AI and remote sensing technology.

Alongside an ecosystem of international partners, Boomitra equips every farmer and rancher to increase their soil carbon and yields, while securing additional income through carbon credits.


As an Earthshot Prize Winner, we’re on a mission to recarbonize the soil and protect the planet.

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Boomitra is transforming the future of soil carbon.
Our hardware-free process ushers in the next generation of high-quality, cost-efficient, and scalable soil carbon credits – an essential part of mitigating climate change.
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100+ Multispectral Satellites combined with ground truth data
Proprietary AI and deep learning predictions
Remote measurement of soil organic carbon, moisture and nutrient levels (NPK)

Third-party certified credits

Every credit sold undergoes third-party certification against the highest international standards for nature-based carbon removal credits.

Farmer-First Revenue Model

The majority of revenue generated from the sale of each credit goes directly to the farmer, rancher, or landowner – the key drivers of carbon sequestration.

Accessible to All Farms

We work with landowners of all sizes to make carbon finance accessible, from 0.5-acre smallholder farms to large ranches of 100,000+ acres and all sizes in between.


Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.


Regenerative practices, such as rotational grazing and cover crops, increase the rate of soil carbon storage.


Plants exude carbohydrates through their roots and feed soil organisms.


CO2 from the atmosphere is stored in the soil through decomposing plants, root exudates, and soil organisms.


Carbon-rich soils have a higher water-holding capacity, contain more crop nutrients, and support a greater diversity of biological life.

The Climate Crisis

Soil carbon offers a powerful solution

Human activity has contributed to a 50% increase in atmospheric CO2 since 1750 and left nearly 40% of the world’s land degraded.

According to the IPCC, all pathways to avoid catastrophic warming rely on both emissions reduction and carbon dioxide removal (CDR).

Recarbonizing soils through improved land management practices is one of the most affordable ways to sequester carbon and has the potential to remove 10% of humanity’s annual emissions.

Farmers, ranchers, and landowners worldwide can store carbon in the soil while benefiting climate, communities, and biodiversity.

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We are significantly removing humanity’s carbon emissions while directly benefiting people and the planet.
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