Affordable Carbon Removal

Farmers can efficiently capture CO2 using their soils: easier than planting a tree!


We operate in many parts of the world - across the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia!


Millions of internationally-recognized third party-certified carbon removal credits

Satellites & AI

We can measure soil carbon with satellites and AI, with third party-certified accuracy better than conventional soil testing!

Huge Win For Farmers

We work with farmers of all sizes - from a single acre in India to 100,000+ acres in the Americas.


Leading non-profits and corporations across many sectors work with us to improve farmers' lives and capture carbon at scale!

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Why Boomitra?

Satellites and AI unlock Soil Carbon Credits

Soil carbon sequestration has been held back by expensive soil sampling and testing requirements - Boomitra's satellite and AI-based soil carbon measurement technology changes the paradigm

Every Inhabited Continent

Thanks to our great network of partners, we have a truly global portfolio of projects - work with us anywhere!

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