February 29, 2024
Terra Carbono and Boomitra Partner to Scale Regenerative Agriculture in Brazil

Terra Carbono, a sister organization of Cafe Em Pauta and leader in sustainable agriculture in Brazil, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Boomitra. This collaboration will introduce regenerative agriculture practices and provide carbon finance opportunities to farmers and ranchers throughout Brazil. The partnership is set to encompass 1.5 million acres, broadening our project scope within Brazil and complementing our ongoing grassland restoration projects across Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

About Terra Carbono

Terra Carbono is a leading player in the Agribusiness sector across Brazil, forging strategic partnerships in every state to champion sustainable practices among rural producers and livestock farmers. The Terra Carbono mission is centered on enhancing productivity, optimizing soil health, and fostering a culture of balanced and prosperous agriculture and livestock farming within rural communities. 

About the Partnership

Boomitra’s partnership with Terra Carbono will introduce sustainable agriculture and grassland management practices to farmers and ranchers across Brazil. The initial scope encompasses six states in Brazil (MT, MS, PA, TO, MA, PR), with plans to extend coverage nationwide in the coming year.

For ranchers, the collaboration will introduce regenerative practices such as integrated-crop-livestock management (ILP), rotational grazing, holistic planned grazing, and improved water management techniques. For farmers, the partnership will promote regenerative agriculture methods such as minimal tillage, cover cropping, and no-till farming. This program, offered at no cost for the farmers and ranchers, aims to enhance soil health, increase biodiversity, sequester carbon, and improve overall land resilience. 

“This exclusive partnership will revolutionize sustainable land management practices in Brazil,” remarked Clovis Pontes, Executive Director of Terra Carbono. “As Brazil aims to lead the carbon credits market, estimated to be worth up to US$72 billion by 2030, initiatives like this play a pivotal role in achieving our environmental objectives.” 

Boomitra’s innovative technology ensures precise and cost-effective measurement of carbon sequestration levels, certifying them as trusted carbon removal credits through third-party verification. This process not only acknowledges farmers’ crucial role in climate change mitigation but also rewards them for their efforts, offering additional income streams while bolstering agricultural resilience and global food security. 

Boomitra’s technology makes it possible for landowners with plots as small as an acre to participate in the carbon finance market. Furthermore, the majority of revenue from each soil carbon credit is given directly to the farmers and ranchers, allowing them to reinvest in their lands and communities. 

Aadith Moorthy, CEO and Founder of Boomitra, expressed excitement about the expansion, stating, “We are thrilled to extend our project footprint in South America. This expansion aligns with our mission to drive climate solutions on a gigaton scale and support farmers and ranchers in the Global South, who are among the most impacted by climate change.” 

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Boomitra Team
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