diciembre 1, 2023
Tea Growers Association Partners with Boomitra

The Tea Research Association, globally recognized as TRA Tocklai, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Boomitra to revolutionize the tea industry in India. This landmark agreement aims to introduce regenerative agriculture practices and offer carbon finance to the 1100 plus organized sector tea gardens under TRA Tocklai and more than 200,000 small tea growers associated with TRA, thereby fostering sustainable development in the Indian tea sector.


About TRA Tocklai

Established in 1911 as the oldest and largest tea research institute worldwide, TRA Tocklai plays a pivotal role in addressing the research and development needs of the Indian tea industry. With a primary focus on enhancing overall productivity and quality, TRA Tocklai is renowned for its groundbreaking research and innovative extension services. The institute oversees 1100 large tea estates and supports over 200,000 small tea growers through its ten advisory branches.


About the Partnership

The collaboration between TRA Tocklai and Boomitra signifies a major stride towards sustainable tea cultivation. Boomitra, a leading soil carbon marketplace, will leverage its expertise to assist TRA growers in adopting regenerative agriculture practices. This initiative is designed to enhance productivity, promote soil health, and contribute to carbon sequestration.


In addition to promoting regenerative agriculture guidance, Boomitra will enable tea growers associated with TRA to generate income through the sale of carbon credits. This innovative approach aligns with the global movement towards sustainable agriculture and provides a unique economic incentive for tea farmers to contribute to environmental conservation.


“We are thrilled to partner with the esteemed Tea Research Association to bring regenerative agriculture practices and carbon finance to tea growers in India. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to fostering sustainable agricultural practices and supporting farmers in mitigating climate change,” said Aadith Moorthy, CEO and Founder of Boomitra.


Joydeep Phukan Secretary of the Tea Research Association said, “The exclusive agreement with Boomitra marks a significant milestone for TRA Tocklai and the tea industry at large. By integrating regenerative agriculture and carbon finance into our practices, we aim to create a more resilient and sustainable future for our tea growers.”


The partnership underscores TRA and Boomitra’s joint commitment to environmental sustainability, economic empowerment for tea growers, and the advancement of regenerative agriculture practices in India.


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