enero 22, 2024
Navigating the carbon market: avoid risk with Boomitra

In the complex world of carbon markets, achieving your sustainability goals depends on reliable carbon removal credits. Boomitra stands out by ensuring that your purchase of one carbon credit truly means one ton of carbon removed from the atmosphere and stored in soil–for the short y long term. Our process yields tangible positive impacts for local communities. Boomitra leverages cutting-edge AI and satellite technology, complemented by strategic partnerships for global capacity building, to ensure every step in your carbon offset journey is effective and transparent.

Accurate measurement and continuous monitoring

Precision is paramount in carbon credit projects. At Boomitra, we employ advanced remote sensing technology for soil carbon sequestration measurement globally. We combine over a million professionally collected and nationally accredited soil samples with detailed satellite imagery across the electromagnetic spectrum. The synergy between soil data and satellite imagery enables us to monitor key soil properties, including carbon, soil nutrients, and moisture, on a global scale without the need for constant soil sampling. Boomitra measures soil carbon levels throughout the lifetime of a project and beyond with continuous satellite-based monitoring.

Boomitra utilizes dynamic baseline calculations, sophisticated biogeochemical models, and thorough evaluations of agricultural practices to ensure additionality. This method establishes what carbon sequestration would occur without our intervention. In our projects, every participating farmer and rancher has implemented new or enhanced agricultural practices for carbon sequestration and has committed to continuous improvement of practices. This process provides confidence that the increases in soil carbon levels can be directly attributed to the carbon project.

Boomitra’s credit buyer dashboard provides near real-time updates on carbon sequestration and farmer payments. It empowers clients with insight and control over their carbon credit investments and enables them to promptly report detailed analyses to their stakeholders.

Mitigating risk with third-party certification and large buffer pools

Premium carbon credit customers benefit from Boomitra’s robust safety mechanisms. Every Boomitra carbon removal credit undergoes third-party certification against the highest international standards for nature-based carbon removal credits. The certification process involves rigorous procedures, including on-site inspections and soil sample analyses. These measures validate our advanced AI and satellite technology, confirming that our data-driven approach aligns with global best practices.

To bolster the security and dependability of our credits, Boomitra sets aside extensive buffer pools that are not available for sale. These buffers, typically set at about 20% of measured credits as per Standards Body guidelines, provide a protective margin to cover any unexpected discrepancies in carbon storage levels. Our continuous soil carbon monitoring significantly reduces the chance of unexpected discrepancies or carbon reversals. However, our ample buffer pools are designed to provide you with an additional safeguard in the rare instance that any such issues occur.

Carbon sequestration assessments are conducted on a project-wide basis, which allows for the distribution of risks and the absorption of any individual farm losses into the project’s future reserves. In the rare event of over-crediting a project, our third-party verifiers deduct credits from future issuances, maintaining the balance, and ensuring the sustainability of your investment. This holistic and meticulous approach positions Boomitra as a leader in providing reliable, transparent, and impactful carbon credits.

Ensuring long-term carbon sequestration through robust partnerships

Boomitra solidifies soil carbon sequestration by partnering with local implementation partners engaging in long-term agreements spanning 40+ years. Our partnerships provide essential support for farmers and ranchers, enabling them to adopt and maintain regenerative agriculture practices that are key to the lasting sequestration of soil carbon. This support is foundational to ensuring the stability and permanence of carbon capture.

Our partners are required to reinvest a portion of their carbon credit revenue back into the projects to fuel further development and build the capacity of project participants. They are also tasked with onboarding new farmers or ranchers to grow the project. If any farmers or ranchers leave the project, partners are required to replace them by onboarding new participants in the same region. In the rare case that a partner needs to withdraw, Boomitra’s established replacement protocol ensures that farmers and ranchers remain enrolled and that the project remains robust and active. This approach secures the continuous growth of the project and provides credit buyers assurance of their long-term impact.

Maximizing impact through expansion and diversification

Boomitra’s commitment to expanding soil carbon credit projects is central to our mission of reaching gigaton-scale drawdown by 2030. Our ongoing growth in project size and scope bolsters the financial return of carbon credit purchases and magnifies their environmental impact. By continuously incorporating more farmers and land, we generate significant economic and social benefits for local communities, supporting livelihoods that reinforce the sustainability of our initiatives.

Boomitra strategically positions projects across diverse geographies. This approach mitigates regional-specific risks, enhancing the resilience of carbon credit investments. Our global footprint broadens the positive environmental impact of your offset portfolio. Additionally, Boomitra enables buyers to align their carbon credit purchases with their operational locations or specific countries, catering to compliance needs and strategic objectives. Presently, a portion of Boomitra’s premium removal credits have the potential to be converted into compliance credits, depending on the country they are from. As these regulatory landscapes progress, we expect the conversion potential to grow substantially. This flexibility allows buyers to tailor their contributions to areas most relevant to their business and environmental goals.

Empowering agricultural communities with tools for lasting success

Boomitra empowers farmers and ranchers to transform their lands into productive carbon sinks. In collaboration with local partners, we provide tailored education and support, ensuring the regenerative practices selected fit the unique regional, ecological, and cultural needs—crucial for the longevity of their efforts.

Our interactive apps, provided at no cost, deliver real-time insights into soil conditions, give farmers and ranchers the tools to practice precision agriculture. The Boomitra app enables farmers and ranchers to conserve resources like water and fertilizers and boost soil health and crop yields. Beyond environmental impact, these regenerative practices enhance soil vitality, biodiversity, productivity, and water management, and provide farmers and ranchers with multiple avenues for economic benefit.

Carbon credits provide an additional revenue stream, creating a positive cycle where farmers and ranchers can continue to invest in their land and communities. The majority of the proceeds from each carbon credit sold are given back to the farmers and ranchers. Boomitra’s commitment includes carbon finance structured on a vesting schedule for sustained adherence to regenerative techniques.

A risk-free investment

When you partner with Boomitra, you secure a risk-free path to mitigating your company’s emissions while investing in people and the planet. Our model ensures that risks are shouldered by Boomitra and our implementation partners, allowing your company to invest in carbon removal with confidence. To dive deeper, schedule a chat with our team.

Andrea Okun
Director – Marketing
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