Lowest Cost Carbon Removal

Farmers are able to remove CO2 from the atmosphere at the lowest cost - half the price of planting trees!

Satellites & AI

Using satellites and AI, we are able to measure soil moisture, nutrients & carbon on a regular basis globally every 10 meters (30 ft)! Say good bye to hardware and soil sampling!


We operate in many parts of the world: whether you are a farmer or a company, there has never been a better time to work with us!


Leading organizations across many sectors work with us to achieve positive outcomes for farmers and the planet!

Huge Win for Farmers

We enable farmers of all sizes to reduce water & nutrient use by 30% and enhance soil fertility, while raising incomes through carbon credits!


Credits are certified to relevant local and international standards in each geographical region!

Our Technologies

Satellites and AI can accomplish many things when put together!

Soil Nutrients


Soil Carbon


Soil Moisture


want to get started? join us!!

Whether you’re a farmer, a corporation, an NGO or a government, we have something for you!

Backed By The Best

Our investors & partners allow us to operate around the world at scale! Join us and make a huge impact on the lives of farmers while reducing the effects of climate change!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More about Boomitra!

Boomitra uses satellites and AI to measure a variety of soil properties including soil carbon, soil moisture, nitrogen, phosphorous and more.

Boomitra is free of sensors and soil sampling! 

Boomitra uses daily satellite data instead of using drones and aircraft, to provide you with timely information at a reasonable price.

Boomitra uses a large variety of public and private satellites in a data fusion.

Our technology has been tested in a variety of ways: trials with actual soil sensors and sampling, comparative plant health studies on farms using Boomitra and by third-party evaluations in internationally certified carbon projects. Contact us to learn more.

Our programs work on farms of all sizes. They are scalable to any size because they does not use any ground sensors: no installation required.

As of today, we do not support greenhouses, indoor agriculture or net coverings.